A word from the Captain

Rob Owen

Rob Owen


Rob Owen – 3rd XI team captain has been involved with the club for 12 years, firstly as a parent with 2 boys in the junior teams, then as coach to the U-11s for two years, then back to being a supporting parent again before taking on the 3rd XI for the last two years. The main aims with the 3rd XI team are to support the development of junior players into adult cricket, to give a fair opportunity to everyone who plays each week, to play the game in a traditional good spirit and of course to win as often as possible!

The goal for 2018, whilst satisfying the above aims, is build on last years promotion, and see if we can have back to back promotion years!

“Young promising players don’t become better by constantly carrying the drinks tray, so if there’s an opportunity then play them.”

Sir Ian Botham

2018 Fixtures