May 2021


At Oxford Downs Cricket Club, we are committed to putting the fair treatment of our playing members at the very forefront of what we do.

Saturday league selection is based on a combination of the following:


  • Attendance at club training night on a Tuesday, wherever possible. Adults and junior cricketers (13 or over) are welcome to attend.
  • Each player must be a fully paid-up member of the club and to willingly pay their match fees each week
  • Form and performances will be very much taken into consideration, along with general commitment levels.
  • Showing willingness in helping around the club. Ie – helping with ground duties when required, junior coaching and so on.
  • General availability – Please advise your captains of any days that you know you are unavailable in advance, as this will aide selection.
  • You will be asked each week after your game your availability for the following week. This does not necessarily guarantee selection or guarantee you will be in the same side, but will help with Tuesday night selection
  • If a player displays poor behaviour on the field of play and/or at training then the selection committee may choose to suspend the player from representing the club for a period of time. It would be expected to have a discussion with said player in this circumstance.
  • First team only – if a player in the top sides misses a fixture for a reason deemed unreasonable by the captain, then it is likely that that player will be asked to return via the 2nd


The selection committee meet at 7.30pm every Tuesday evening and this comprises of the 4 captains with the Head of Cricket chairing the meeting.

It is important to stress that discretion will be used throughout the season where situations are not cut and dried.

It is our pledge to all players that when a someone is selected to play in a team in a lower division than the previous week, they will receive a phone call from the captain to explain. Each side will only be released once the captain has made any such phone calls. The teams are announced in order starting with the 1st team with our aim to have the 4th team announced on a Thursday, but this will sometimes happen on a Friday.

If a player has any issues, we ask that they approach the captain discreetly to discuss. If the player does not feel comfortable doing so, then the Head of Cricket is always available for a conversation and is the next port of call.