Played at the Brize Norton ground, the Downs U11 massive turned up for an encounter with the Minsters. Game on!

Having won the toss, captain Ollie “The Arm” Armstrong chose to bowl. A new one for us, we normally bat first given the choice oo errr!

Off to a flyer with the opening pair of Kian and Henry. So miserly, after 4 overs the Minsters were a wicket down for 10 runs (wicket maiden from Kian! bowled). But, the onslaught continued it was like watching a Hammer House of Horror film from the 70s (sorry kids, youve no idea!) scary but entertaining at the same time. Ollie and Alice “The Power” Potter punched through batters 2, 3 and 4 in their 5 over spell. 1 wicket for Ollie (bowled) and 2 wickets for Alice (bowled). Then James “the Judge” Drury (alright – a bad one!) took no prisoners taking another wicket, selfishly caught and bowled!!

After 10 overs, the Minsters (at their ground!) were on 16 runs for 5 wickets.

So, it was time to bring in the remaining cricketers and bowl everything they had at the Minsters… Another wicket fell for Becky “No Time to” Waite guess what? Bowled! The bowling attack was well supported by all and finished off with a tight over from Charlotte the other judge Drury.

The Minsters finished on 77 for the loss of 7 wickets in their 20 overs. Time to bat!

Hmmm! Some careful shots to begin with from Ollie and Kalan in the early stages but both were eventually run out to some indecisive calling between the stumps. After 6 overs we were on 25 for the loss of 2 wickets. Where are the runs going to come from? Someone else will need to step up to the mark and show their metal. The bowling attack from Minster was rude at time barely no extras, very tight and runs were not flowing. Nail biting!

King Henry to the crease and joined by “the judge”. James battled well against the attack but was caught on 4 trying to push the run rate up. King Henry kept the run rate ticking over, but was it enough? Could we get to 78 to win? He was now joined by “the other judge”. Charlotte started cautiously watching the ball very carefully and taking the odd single.

After 16 overs, we were on 60 the same as the Minsters. Tight! We needed 28 off the final 4 overs way above our current run rate of 3.75. Can we do it?

Well, “the other judge” hit a sublime 4 and King Henry kept taking singles and twos… and then a three, and then a two, and then…. we were on 74 with 2 overs left. We need 4 to win off the last 2 overs. This is where we saw the very accomplished opener come back to unleash hell. Pah! “the other judge” pushed a crafty single to allow the King to take a carefully judged swipe at the ball to sneak the winning runs. King Henry finished on 25 (would have retired had their been another ball) and Charlotte finished on a well-crafted 14.

Excellent match and the opposition were a great bunch to play against. Everyone enjoyed it thoroughly and played a part what the Under 11s is all about!

Player of the Match: For their partnership, it is going to Henry Welch and Charlotte Drury.