Oxford Downs having lost the toss and bowling got off to a reasonably economical start giving not much away for the first 15 overs. However, having only managed 1 break through from some tidy bowling from Tom Costly meant Oxford had a strong platform and the run rate soon started to pick up. With Waz’s spin proving ineffective on this wicket against Oxfords batters Downs were rescued by a fantastic spell of bowling from Will Watts who picked up 3 wickets.
Rain soon followed and the innings was cut short to the 41st over. We eventually got the game back on with the situation being Downs needing to chase down 180 within 30 overs.
Opening for Downs was Waz and Cauncy who didn’t last long as luck did not favour them with Caunce losing sight of a full toss coming from above the sight screen and Waz getting out LBW to a half track rolling delivery from Oxfords Spinner Ian Evans.
A superb partnership built by Will Watts and James Ellwood ensured we were never far from the required rate and built the platform perfectly. With contributions from most of the batting order Oxford Downs remained calm through what was a nail biter of a finish with Tom Costly batting superbly to see us over the finish line with an over to spare ending the game with a six to the longest boundary.
An all round fantastic performance from the boys in conditions that weren’t fair, having to chase their total with 10 overs less.
Man of the match Will Watts